Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Angry Mobs"?

Immigration--they labeled us "racists".

TARP--they deceived us.

Stimulus--they injured us.

Omnibus--they dismissed us.

DHS Memo--they tried to marginalized us.

Tea Parties--they ridiculed us.

Airforce One Photo-op--they frightened us.

Cap and Trade--they will destroy us.

Cash for Clunkers--they confound us.

Health Care--they slander, they libel, and they try to intimidate us.

$5Million for private jets--they insult us.

I am half-watching "Red Eye" on FNC as I write this, and they are showing clips of the latest DNC attack ad. Only part I actually caught was something along the lines of "methods taken straight from the playbooks of the heads of the conservatives . . ."

Damn straight, we did! The playbooks of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Paine, Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin . . .

"Swastikas", Madam Speaker? Perhaps you should feel lucky we aren't coming armed with torches and pitchforks, with some bearing buckets of tar and feathers. Oh! And a nice, long rail to run y'all out of town on.

The anger is real. It is genuine. It is the rattle snake coiled on the Gladsden flag, rattle hissing in warning:
Don't tread on us!

Oh! And to the RNC: Take a hike! One of the problems with the awakening of the American People is our eyes are now wide open, and don't think y'all are immune from our outrage. We see right through your jumping onto the bandwagon here. You're just angling for votes, claiming to be "one of us".
You ain't.

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